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After Hours Food Delivery

Do you need a package picked up or delivered after hour food delivery? Instant courier Service can provide to you at any time of day or night, including on weekends, thanks to our revolutionary platform that allows you to make reservations online. Our software also removes the stress of night deliveries by enabling you to track your overnight deliveries in real-time and have your courier’s contact information at your fingertips.



Instant Courier Service can deliver you food at no extra cost at night or even on the weekend, thanks to our cutting-edge platform that enables online bookings! By allowing you to live track your overnight deliveries and access your courier’s contact information at your fingertips, our technology also removes the stress of late-night deliveries.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Food Delivery Service?

Restaurants and food establishments only provided take-out and delivery services at the start of the pandemic. They continued to rely on this method of producing income even after time passed and they were only permitted to operate at a certain capacity. In fact, even ramen restaurants that had previously limited their menu selections to dine-in options gradually realised the advantages of the food delivery service and its worth for their brand.

Food delivery offers a number of benefits to both customers and companies. It provides a multitude of features that are simply not present on other platform types, and it is quick and convenient.

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Expand Your Customer Base

The models of food distribution that are now available are still somewhat constrained. Put yourself in your customers’ position. Suppose you wish to place an order from a restaurant that is about 20 kilometers from your home. This could not actually be feasible, particularly if the restaurant doesn’t have any open branches in your area.

On the other side, a food delivery service gives you the chance to increase your clientele. How? through increasing the visibility of your company and subsequently the size of your clientele.


Your consumers will now have the option to order from you on a one-stop shop platform if you were previously only accessible by phone or through your website. Even if your brick and mortar restaurant is just located in one location, you will still have the opportunity to serve other out-of-town consumers who may now place orders from your menu.

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Customers would have to physically visit your business to pick up the food they’ve ordered if you didn’t offer food delivery services. Given the pandemic condition at hand, this might not be particularly secure and practical. They would have to spend money on transportation and perhaps even put their health at risk.

You’ll start to realise the genuine benefit of food delivery at this point. Your customers may place orders anytime, anyplace, making them considerably safer and more convenient. The delivery platform will be prepared for all mobile gadgets, including tablets and smartphones. The meal will be brought to their door with no fuss at all with just a single click of a button or touch of a screen.

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Variety of Options

Customers can now find a wide range of meal selections through several food delivery platforms and services that they previously wouldn’t have had access to in a conventional setting. They don’t have to be restricted to a particular eatery.

This is good for business owners since it gives them exposure. They won’t have to limit their customers to the standard fast food and restaurant businesses that already use this kind of service. More than that, even if you don’t own a website, this is a terrific way to advertise your meals.

Customers benefit from having a variety of dining options since they can explore restaurants that they may not have previously known existed. They may easily use the platform to order the food they desire, whether they are in the mood for Italian, Japanese, American, Filipino, or any other style of cuisine.

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Multiple Payment Methods

In the past, diners who wanted food delivered to their doorsteps had to call the restaurant’s phone. After the consumer has received the food, payment is frequently made via Cash on Delivery.

Customers would want to have the choice to pay for their food however it is most convenient for them, even though COD payments are still often accepted. The answer is a food delivery service, which offers clients a variety of quick and secure payment alternatives.

Paying for any online food order in the Philippines has never been more dependable and practical thanks to the growth of cashless payment options. This is a crucial factor to take into account, especially given that COVID-19 is probably making cashless choices more popular.

The meal delivery service makes sure that every payment received through the platform is immediately transferred to the company owner.

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Cost-Effective Promotions

Delivery fees and minimum order requirements are disliked by everyone. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that these are some of the main reasons why potential customers decide against placing a meal order altogether. Customers are more inclined to order meal delivery when there are no circumstances that would make it difficult for them.

In addition to being practical and dependable, meal delivery services give clients access to time-sensitive deals and special promotions. When a consumer saves money on shipping costs, they are more inclined to continue placing orders through that app or platform. Because more and more clients are placing orders through the service, the business owner is also able to raise revenue.

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Key Takeaway

The use of a meal delivery service has many advantages, like growing your clientele, raising your income, giving your clients more choices, and providing incomparable convenience.

What’s holding you back from investing in this kind of service if you run a restaurant? It might be exactly what you need to increase sales and raise ROI.

You can find what you need with Airspeed. We can provide you with more than just a courier service; we can also provide you the opportunity to start your own food delivery business. To find out more about our newest invention, SpeedFood, and how it can benefit your company, click here.