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Pharmacy Delivery

Instant Courier Service also solves the problem of pharmacy delivery. We’re a unique pharmacy that uses technology to deliver medications and more right to your door. We offer same-day pharmacist delivery Sydney broad and a huge selection of products on our app and website, guaranteeing you never run out of necessary prescriptions. Instant Courier was created to make it easier for Australians to recover faster by offering a convenient alternative to leaving the house and standing in line for your prescription Medicine.

Real Solutions, Real Fast!

4 Benefits of Offering Pharmacy Delivery Services

In 2020, you may order practically everything from books to clothing to cuisine from your favorite restaurant to fresh groceries at the push of a button on your mobile device. But prescription drugs? Yes, customers may now effortlessly order prescription medications from your pharmacy and have them delivered right to their door.

It could seem too challenging to implement pharmacy delivery services without seeing a clear return on the investment. Since they can’t be delivered, necessary medications won’t stop being prescribed by doctors. Offering delivery has a number of advantages, though, that can raise consumer happiness and increase pharmacy sales.

Improved Customer Retention
Medication adherence, or taking drugs as directed by your doctor, can be improved with pharmacy delivery. Currently, between 30 and 50 percent of drugs are not taken exactly as directed. Customers frequently either can’t make it to the pharmacy in time or forget to pick up their medication. There is less of a possibility that drugs won’t be taken as prescribed if they are brought to the patient’s door. If prescribed medications are not handled appropriately, patients with chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure who need frequent drug refills are less likely to get them, which hurts your pharmacy’s bottom line. Adherence to medication increases sales and client retention.

By providing delivery services, pharmacies can also accommodate the needs of a more extensive consumer base. Ensure homebound patients receive their meds on time and appropriately to increase your clientele and ensure repeat business. Customers who are not housebound but have busy schedules can bypass the wait time to fill a prescription and will continue to prefer your pharmacy over one that does not deliver because of the increased convenience.

Enhanced Prescription Accuracy
Automation and technology make it simple and precise to integrate delivery service into your pharmacy. The accuracy and level of service your pharmacy offers are improved by utilizing the appropriate pharmacy technology solutions, equipped with features to manage inventory, track sales, monitor controlled substances correctly, and decrease human error.
Mobile delivery’s built-in features use real-time information and order processing to track pending securely and completed deliveries. With the help of cutting-edge technology, you can take signatures on the go and remain HIPAA compliant at all times. Customers can feel confident knowing that their information is secure when obtaining their medications at home.

Reduced Medical Waste
Prescription drug waste is reduced due to increased order accuracy and medication adherence. Although it might not seem important, minimizing medical waste has significant positive effects on the environment, human health, and the economy. The amount of medication dumped in landfills and water supplies is decreased by proper dosages given on time.

Medication overordering that could result in unneeded medication is decreased by same-day filling and routine monthly deliveries. Drug brand and dosage modifications can be made as necessary with the help of delivery services and online ordering.

Saved Pharmacy Resources
By incorporating pharmacy delivery into your business’s operations, you may free up some of the in-store technicians’ time for customer support. Fill orders more quickly, precisely, and economically, lowering labor costs and preventing potentially expensive mistakes.

Providing consumers with extended hours, after-hours delivery, and mobile ordering for prescription filling can decrease overhead expenses. By reaching out to homebound patients who might have chosen a mail-order service or another pharmacy, your pharmacy can handle daily business and provide more revenue opportunities. Customers can also benefit financially because nonadherence can result in avoidable medical costs costing the government billions of dollars.
Independent and even chain pharmacies can be hesitant to offer delivery, but the advantages for your clientele and business make it worthwhile.