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Business Solutions

The Instant Courier Service solves the problem of the business parcel. Request a price for sending packets regularly. We have the best option for your small, medium, or large business!

The Business Solutions Delivery Methodology used by Instant Courier Service, which spans the entire process from strategy development through implementation and delivery, is the foundation of the company’s success. Our approach acknowledges that to transform an organization successfully, two techniques must work side by side.


First and foremost, developing a functional solution requires a solid methodology that aids in defining the Business Solution (Strategy, Process, Organization, and Technology). Second, a robust project management approach is necessary to define and deliver business solutions and support the project leadership in managing the effects of organizational transformation.

Real Solutions, Real Fast!

Top 4 challenges Associated With Parcel Delivery Businesses

Numerous parcel delivery businesses deal with a variety of issues regularly. These issues can raise the overall cost of services and time requirements if they are not resolved or minimized, leading to a bad customer experience. Let’s examine each of these difficulties in more detail.


The Absence of Cooperation and Uncertainty


In many parcel delivery businesses, there is a noticeable lack of clarity regarding the package’s delivery status. It’s mainly because most traditional delivery services keep their records in books or files. Confusion and lacklustre delivery coordination are both effects of this antiquated method of recordkeeping. This manual system also produces poor audit trails.


Companies that deliver packages must devise a method of informing their clients of the status of their parcels. Otherwise, there will always be a sense of unease among your clients, which may cause them to stop trusting your services.


Agent for Delivery Tracking


Traditional parcel delivery firms struggle to keep track of all the duties their delivery employees perform because they lack effective tracking software. Without a solution, tracking becomes nearly impossible due to numerous factors, such as locating delivery locations, road congestion, waiting times for collections, parking, vehicle breakdowns, etc.


Increasing Expenses


The costs involved in delivering and gathering papers, both directly and indirectly, are very high. These expenses include the salary of delivery personnel, the direct operating expenses of the vehicles used to make deliveries, and insurance, fuel, cabs, repairs, and postage. You won’t be able to keep track of these different expenditures without a reliable solution, which could lead to rising overhead prices.


Delayed Deliveries


Deliveries that arrive late are a nightmare for parcel delivery services. Late deliveries can be caused by various things, including poor technology, a high volume of shipments, poor visibility, misplaced parcels, heavy traffic, and more. However, without parcel delivery software, businesses lack the necessary tools to overcome the issues above.


These are a few of the most pressing issues that all parcel delivery companies deal with. However, they have excellent news. Using an on-demand parcel delivery system may overcome all of these difficulties. The processes for parcel delivery can be automated and streamlined, making them more efficient than ever with the help of a robust solution with cutting-edge capabilities.


Additionally, providing clients real-time tracking of their packages can help businesses offer a rich parcel delivery experience. The main advantage of an on-demand parcel delivery service is that it enables businesses to reduce their overhead costs and keep track of them significantly.