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Spare Parts Delivery

Wherever you are in Australia, we can quickly dispatch our used parts to you. We recognize that when you need a new part, you frequently depend on it to get your car functioning again so you can carry on with your daily activities, including your job. We will make sure to get your part to you as soon as we can because of this.

Our extensive inventory, which ranges from single products to substantial pallets of merchandise, including reconditioned engines, guarantees that our shipping costs are competitive and that we operate as effectively as soon as possible.

  1. For urgently needed spare parts (such as those for broken down equipment), the Seller will take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These urgent shipments will be made to the buyer’s facilities as soon as possible during regular business hours using the fastest means. The Seller shall ensure that Buyer sites have contact/escalation lists and maintain an emergency 24-hour PO system by manned or electronic methods. In each situation, the Seller shall confirm the shipment date by the next business day. B For non-emergencies, the Seller promises that after receiving an order, spare parts will be delivered to the buyer’s facilities no later than the dates indicated below (exclusive of transit time): Types of parts with long lead times include consumables, non-consumables-common, assemblies, device-specific repairs, delta repairs, and third-party repairs.

Real Solutions, Real Fast!

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REPLACEMENT PARTS WARRANTY – Warranty for Replacement Parts If defects arise during the initial or extended warranty period, the Contractor shall make a rapid repair or, upon request, replace the afflicted device or part. The State or Authorized User shall in no event be accountable or responsible for any labour, material, or transportation costs incurred to repair or replace a faulty Product during the warranty term and shall be the full responsibility of the Contractor. The warranty period outlined in paragraph (d) above or, if the manufacturer generally provides a separate warranty for that part or component, the longer the two. Any part or component replaced by the Contractor under the Contract warranty must be done without charging the Authorized User.

Tools, spare parts, and accessories When determining whether all non-originating materials used in the production of a good undergo the necessary change in tariff classification, each Party shall stipulate that accessories, spare parts, or tools delivered with a good that are a part of the good’s standard accessories, spare parts, or tools, shall be treated as originating goods if the good is an originating good, provided that:

DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS –  Deliveries must be made in compliance with the provisions of the Contract or Contract Award Notice to the address listed on the Purchase Order and as ordered. Delivery must be made within thirty calendar days of the Contractor receiving a purchase order unless stipulated in the bid documents. The Commissioner’s determination about adherence to delivery terms shall be final. The onus of proving a Purchase Order delivery delay shall be on the Contractor. Every time there is a chance or a delay in delivery, the Contractor must notify the Commissioner and the Authorized User right away, confirm the delay in writing, and take the necessary steps to prevent further delays.

Any delivery time extension requests must be made in writing by the Contractor and authorized by the Authorized User. The Commissioner’s discretion may cancel the order or the Contract if the delivery time schedule is not met.

Replacements; Delivery  This Amendment may be performed in counterparts (and by various parties hereto in different counterparts), each of which shall be deemed an original, and all combined shall constitute a single contract. An executed image delivered by facsimile or another electronic imaging method must be delivered in original form.